Diapers for Active Baby

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Changing your toddler's diaper takes a long time when they begin to understand the function of the foot and are too busy to lie still when the diaper is changed. When toddlers are so active, you often connect with their growth that is starting to be independent and can say 'no'. The following tips can help you get through this phase:

Make it when changing diapers as you play. Count until you both finish.
Play a mystery game and place an object under the Diaper-Pants or diaper, ask your child to hold it while closing his eyes and inserting his feet in the pants diaper.
If they are busy with their activities, offer an easy solution. "Do you want to change your pants diapers now, or later after you finish coloring?"
Involve them to prepare their own diapers before leaving and pick them up from the package.

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