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Congratulations! If you are on this page it means you have started thinking about getting pregnant in the near future. Or even have left contraception, began to record ovulation, then with her husband are undergoing an exciting conception period.

No matter where you are now, planning a pregnancy is the first step of a unique journey to becoming a parent.

Like other trips, preparing yourself and gathering information about pregnancy will be very helpful later. You are also better equipped to deal with a variety of bad things that might occur during the time of planning this pregnancy. Huggies will help you get important and amazing information about pregnancy including:

Latest research results and advice on fertility
16 important recommendations regarding treatment before conception
What things can reduce the risk of pregnancy such as neural tube defects
How to prepare to welcome the baby physically, mentally, and also financially
We know you have a thousand and one questions about pregnancy planning. We will try to give the best answer. Starting with the most frequently asked questions!

How to Get Pregnant Fast
For some people, pregnancy can be easily obtained. As for others, it can take years and of course emotions are usually drained away while undergoing that period.

There are so many factors that can influence the fertilization process. Even for a woman in her 20s who is physically fit, at a certain time the chance to get pregnant is only 25 percent.

Fortunately, understanding of fertilization and biological processes is so advanced. For example, there are many simple ways you can improve fertility. Among others:

Measuring ovulation: looking for days when the body is ready for fertilization can increase the chances of getting pregnant
Adjust your diet: what types of food should be consumed and also avoided when planning a pregnancy? What drinks can endanger the fertilization process?
Sexual activity: the best position for fertilization
Apply tips and expert advice from us so that you and your partner get the best chance to have children.

Planning a Pregnancy
Before you start thinking about pregnancy, you might think the fertilization process is quite easy. Connected with a partner without contraception and nine months later, the baby was born.

Indeed the fertilization process can occur as easily as that. But like everything else, the best results will be obtained when we have prepared it optimally.

Our Pregnancy Planning Guide is designed to help you maximize your chances of getting pregnant soon. Inside is a pre-pregnancy checklist that includes pre-pregnancy medical check points, making a budget in order to welcome new family members, even various ways that can strengthen your relationship with your partner.

Will pregnancy affect your relationship with your partner?
Maintaining a close relationship with a partner may not be a priority when planning a pregnancy. After all, isn't conception the most intimate? Lack of communication can result in prolonged household conflict when you and your partner are adapting to your child's presence. This is a good time to start thinking about:

Division of domestic household tasks
Maternity leave for you and the possibility of your partner taking time off to help you at home
Allocation of time for working mothers after the child is present
The financial side of the family
Huggies is here to provide support for you
The name Huggies is indeed like a synonym for the word "disposable diapers", because it has been proven that we are among the pioneers of the area. We believe Huggies is more than a disposable diaper manufacturer. Every year, we have a lot of parents who are looking for the latest information, advice on all things related to babies, starting with tips for getting pregnant quickly.

We are proud of the range of products and services we can provide for parents and children. You can read the history of Huggies, those involved in our community, and please see the various diapers we offer.